Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Identity Crisis

While waiting for the clothes in the washing machine to finish up I found myself with 27 minutes to kill. (Yes I'm lame and know the exact time it takes to do one load in the washer.) The dishwasher was already loaded and running, the bathroom was clean, the bed made, I just had a few school papers in the living room that needed to be tidied up a bit and I still had a little time before I needed to leave for class. I was in a silly mood, and so I decided to play with my laptop and do a little character improv on the spot that just kind of came out of no where. Something I haven't done since I left acting school in New York. So take a glimpse at the sillier side of me and what I do when I'm home alone. (Because we all know I would NEVER do this in public.... right?!? hee hee)

Note: For some reason, even though I created a five minute movie with slide transitions from each section helping the transition into the next character, I am unable to upload it. Therefore, please view each separate video below. Enjoy.

Click the play buttons to view each video.

I named this character Gelk-Welkie.

I named this character Little Suzy-Q.

I named this character Jay-Jay. Short of Jacilyn.

I named this character Taheli Tejaswi.

I named this character Raphaella.

I named this character Stuffy Corlis.

I named this character Magnolia Sue Ann.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Traditions

Today, October 26th, would have been my Aunt's 63rd birthday. I've been really nervous about today because I honestly didn't know how I was going to get through the day. It's been on my mind all month. Last night, as I stood in my new back yard, I gazed up into the heavens and every star I saw I made a wish. I wished for my family to have a good day on my Aunt's birthday and I wished for my Aunt to hear our thoughts to her so that we may share or love on her special day.I can only speak for myself but I know that today has been emotional for me, however it has been a beautiful day, and my heart is full of love and peace. Today is a momentous day, it's the day that my Aunt was brought into this world. I feel no sadness today. Although it is hard not having her here with me to call and sing "Happy Birthday" to, I know that because she is my family's angel not only can she hear my thoughts, but the thoughts of my grandmother, my Dad, and without a doubt my cousin (her son) have been ringing in her ears all day today. So I've been singing to her all day long. It's been the best!
I also decided to start a tradition. To celebrate her birthday I made sure to have chocolate cake. (Her favorite was black forest cake, but I 'm pretty sure that no one here on the east coast has ever heard of black forest cake, so I had to substitute with a different cake. Next year I'm making black forest cake from scratch just for her!) I sliced up extra pieces and gave them to my in-laws so that they may share in the celebration of my Aunt's birthday. I loved today because I knew that my Aunt was closer than ever! And some day, when we meet again our entire family, generation after generation, will sit down together to celebrate a joyous occasion, such as this, and there will be cake. There will be lots and lots of heavenly cake!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dog Sitting

This weekend my in-laws took a mini vacation to Puerto Rico leaving Christian and I to tend for their dog Coby. Christian had a seminar over the weekend, so this meant that Coby and I had plenty of one-on-one time to simply hang out.

We went for walks in the park.
Took a stroll by the river.Coby found a tennis ball to bring home and add to his ever growing collection.
I found a tall skinny side table, that amazingly was being thrown out. (Yes, it was by the curb awaiting for the garbage truck's arrival.)He went digging for buried treasure. (I tucked a treat under the blanket, and he had fun trying to figure out how to get to it.)
He watched the football games with Christian Sunday afternoon.Took a nap, with the king of "Nappersville".
He even found time to help me with my homework.Coby is such a wonderful puppy! He has so much personality and it's just pure fun spending time with him. He's full of energy, and is very curious about the world around him. He's as gentle as a lamb, but he still tries to protect those he cares about. I had fun during my weekend with Coby, and I think he did too!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

It happened! It actually happened! Many of you out there may be surprised to learn that Christian and I have been trying to purchase a house that we fell head over heals in love with way back in March. That's right, seven months ago on March 10th, we found a lovely house that was over flowing with potential, and we both felt right at home in it. So we placed a bid, and have been fighting an uphill battle to finalize and close on this home ever since. But as of this past Wednesday the papers were signed and we are the official owners of this colonial built in 1825!The history of the home was one of the many features we simply adore. It is one of the oldest homes in the town, and although it is not marked as historic due to the numerous additions built throughout it's life, the house is bursting with character. It was a farm house that was on close to 100 acres of land. As the years went by, the land was divided up and sold, until we were left with our almost half an acre, which by Jersey standards might as well be an entire farm.The living room is so full of light and has a rather relaxing air about it. I'm hoping to create a more formal sitting area, and at some point in my life I will be the proud owner of a piano which will grace the opposite side of this room and fill the house with beautiful music.The stair well has a maple banister with hand-spun wood balusters. The design is very simple, but you can really see the quality and craftsmanship in each spindle.I love standing in the dinning room and imagining the many meals shared within those walls. I can easily picture a family cooking a Sunday dinner in the fire place, with children shucking ears of corn at the table, or kneaded dough for fresh bread.
One of the more recent previous owners raised their family in the home and lived there for over fifty years. The children's growth charts, from the day they were born until their early twenties are still on the bedroom door. (There was a chart on the closet door too, but sadly, someone during the seven months while we were fighting for the house came in and stole the door. Very upsetting to loose a piece of history like that.)The same owners built a family room off to the side of the house. After meeting several of our new neighbors we discovered that our neighbor who lives across the street from us was the contractor that built the addition over twenty years ago. The most recent owners made an attempt to upgrade the house, but unfortunately due to financial issues were unable to finish their projects. They were two chefs, and I'm sure they had an idea to make a grand gourmet kitchen. The existing kitchen is functional, but rather narrow. At some point down the road Christian and I would like to see what we can to bring this kitchen to modern standards while still holding onto the integrity of a house close to 200 years old.One project they were able to complete was giving the master bedroom a truly remarkable cathedral ceiling. They took up more than half the attic space to create such a grandiose statement, but I don't mind the lack of storage in the slightest. (We have a full attic above the two car garage that I'm sure we'll end up filling with Christmas decor and camping equipment at some point.)Christian and I have quite the project on our hands to bring this house back to life. It was a foreclosure and for the past year and half no one was living there, so needless to say there is a substantial amount of work ahead of us. But it will be exciting to have a place that is solely ours, and a place to create a little family in. So in the months ahead I'll try to post a few before and after photos so you may share with us the joy of witnessing such a miraculous house rejuvenated and thriving once again.