Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dr.'s, Dr.'s and more Dr.'s

Over the last two months I haven't really mentioned much about my ever popular medical saga. This past week though, I've received several emails from my lovely friends and family asking me how I'm doing. So you asked, and now I'm going to tell you.

About three weeks ago I noticed that the tips of my toes were bright red, and very swollen. (This same thing happened to me last winter too, but I thought it was just stress. Silly girl!) So I went to a podiatrist to get my tootsies checked out. The podiatrist diagnosed me with Raynaud's Disease. (I won't go into detail about it. If you want you can Google and be OVERWHELMED by all the information on it.)

So the podiatrist sent me to see a vascular surgeon. The vascular surgeon didn't like the color of my toes. (By now the swelling had gone down, and they were a funny shade of purplish-blue.) He wanted to check out the blood supply, and the sources of where that blood flows from.

So the vascular surgeon sent me to see a cardiologist. The cardiologist didn't like the color in the toes, now just a slight shade of blue on the top, as well as the shade of my fingernail beds, which have always been purple. (My whole life I've had purple fingernails, and never thought anything of it. Silly girl yet again!) He wants to do an eco-gram, and an ultra-sound on the arteries in my arms and legs. That's being done this afternoon.

Meanwhile, during all these super fun doctor's visits, I saw yet another doctor, a primary care physician, to get my blood work done and check my cholesterol, blood sugar, ect. My numbers came back and guess what... I'm completely healthy! (YES! Finally something my body is going right!)

I also met with my orthopedic surgeon because my plate is still lifting up, pulling on my skin, AND I have another string pushing through my skin. The good news, my bone is finally in one piece! The not so good news, I have to go back to my plastic surgeon this coming week, and most likely get another tissue placement. And then after that heals, in March I'll go in and get the plate taken out. (Hooray!)

All these doctors within two weeks of each other. Lets list them:
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Podiatrist
  • Vascular Surgeon
  • Cardiologist
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Plastic Surgeon
Whew! I'm exhausted just talking about it. hee hee. But you asked, so there you are. Other than that, I'm a happy little bee!

Monday, January 26, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast

This entry is dedicated to the Kaufman's family dog, Cobe. He has been a member of the family for well over a year now, and it has been exciting to watch him grow from a puppy of only 2 1/2 pounds, to becoming the muscular dog he is today. He's had his moments of "puppy-hood" where he had to figure out things out, like chewing an electric cord to a lamp that is plugged in, is probably not the best thing to do. But as the year has passed he has really begun to show us his playful personality, his loyalty to his family, and the proof that he was meant to be one of the Kaufman boys.... he's such a lady's man! He is a ball of energy, and yet he knows when to be a "therapy dog" to those who need a soft, calm friend to sit next to.
We love Cobe, and are happy that he is here to bring a smile to our face, and to share his puppy kisses.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sub-freezing temps!

Last week we where hit with a cold spell. We had a week long "freeze-out" of temperatures where the high for most of the days were around 15 degrees and it left us all chilled to the bone. So what does a week of frozen New Jersey look like? Well, check out Christian's car, and you'll get a glimpse of freezer-burn New Jersey style.But its okay, because the day after these photos were taken, Mother Nature decided to help clean up the mess with a winter car wash.Only 54 more days till spring!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Birthday Blog!!!

Happy Birthday John!!!
The Kaufman's had a weekend long celebration for John's 60th birthday. The family came together for dinner on Saturday night. Kathy made the arrangements and sat next to her husband to look down a long table that was filled with the family they have created together. All four boys were there (Christian, John, Luke, & Keith), cousin Alex, the two daughter-in-laws (Krysyty & myself), and Luke's girlfriend Emily, (who is already like family to us). Dinner was delightful, the conversations were joyous, and the company was perfect.

On Sunday, the official day, we all arrived at "home base" (John & Kathy's house) for an extremely tasty dinner made with love by Kathy's hands. And what birthday would be complete without a cake? For such a special birthday John had not one, but two cakes! An ice cream cake, and a fluffy chocolate cake, again made by Kathy. (The woman is amazing with her apron on!)
The weekend was very special, and it was so wonderful that we could all come together to express how much we love and care about our Dad John. He is always the first to lend a helping hand, so it was great to have him sit back, and just enjoy his family. We love you John, and know that the year ahead will be positive, healthy, and simply spectacular!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Blog in the making...

To all those who read this... because of a "technical difficulty" (I barrowed Kathy K's memory card to download photos from last night's birthday bash, to make a long story short, her card doesn't fit in my camera, so I can't download the photos to post) I am unable to post this evening. Therefore, please stay tuned for the Birthday Blog along with fantastic images of John's big day! It will be worth the wait! Sorry for the delay.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good things come in tiny packages

I've been a good girl, and I've waited to share some very exciting news. My sister-in-law Krysty is going to be a Mommy!!! Now I know for most of you who are faithful readers of my silly little blog, this is old news, but there may still be a few friends out there whom I haven't told, and so you can share in the excitement with me that I'm going to be an Aunty!!! (Technically I am already an Aunt as my brother has started an adorable little family of his own, but sadly I don't live in the same state so I never get to see the little ones.)

Krysty and John are super excited about their little munchkin. The due date is July 22, a day before Krysty's birthday. She's started prenatal yoga, and has started having random cravings for different foods. The whole Kaufman family is a buzz with anticipation for the newest addition. Its been a long time since there has been a baby in the family, so we are all looking forward to meeting John and Krysty's muchkin face-to-face and I'm looking forward to being the best Aunty ever! Till that day, enjoy being a preggo Krysty!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Late last night Christian got up to use the restroom and he noticed I was still awake. He asked why I wasn't sleeping, and I shared with him that I had a pounding headache. So at one o'clock in the morning, my husband gave me an adjustment, and then climbed back in bed. I thought, how special am I, that I can get an adjustment at 1 in the morning?!? As Christian drifted off to sleep I laid there allowing my adjustment to settle in, and a list started forming in my head.

Reasons why I adore my husband:
  • Honestly he is the most amazing Chiropractor I know!
  • He is completely giving of himself.
  • He can be super silly, and is always making me laugh.
  • He refuses to go to sleep without giving me a kiss goodnight.
  • He enjoys cooking. (Even though he's rather messy at it. hee hee)
  • He allows me to be me, and in fact encourages me to do what I want.
  • He absorbs new information like a sponge.
  • He has a memory like a "steal trap".
  • He has stunning true-blue eyes.
  • He supports me 100% in everything I do.
  • He is super loyal to me, his family, and his friends.
  • He hates to see me cry.
  • He hates to see me broken.
  • He enjoys learning new things.
  • He's a super cutie and a hottie!!!!
  • He always tries to give me little gifts, just to see me smile.
  • He loves to cuddle with me.
  • He misses me when I'm not around.
  • He always wants to help.
  • He has an amazing heart!!!
  • He can't stay mad at me. (He says it's impossible)
  • He's got a fantastic athletic gene that I hope he shares with his kids. hee hee
  • He is always looking out for me and protects me.
  • He looks tough on the outside, but he's sensitive and has a squishy-softy inside.
  • He's going to make a phenomenal father some day.
  • He loves me, and I love him back!