Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh happy day!

Yesterday I went to the hospital for surgery. My plastic surgeon met with me before I went into the OR and shared the new game plan! (To read about the old game plan look at the post titled "Surgery Happy") The new game plan was to scrub the exposed plate, then take human tissue (grown in a "pea-tree" dish, I love science) and slide the tissue in the hole to tuck it under my skin to give me added thickness and then stitch the hole closed on the existing scar from my first surgery. So no new scars for Taryn!!! Wahoo!

They put me in a "twilight" state so I was breathing on my own, and I think I could interact with the doctors, but once it was over I didn't remember a thing. I spent 20 minutes in the recovery room (as opposed to three hours like last time) and was ready to go home 40 minutes after that. No dizziness, no nausea, and no discomfort. I was able to go home, eat dinner, and relax. Last night I had the best sleep that I've gotten since the accident back in August!

Even today I'm not in any pain. To be honest it feels like someone is just pinching my skin and they’re simply not letting go. Its not bad at all. I meet with my plastic surgeon tomorrow, and I see my orthopedic surgeon on the 25th and then I'll know how much time I have before my third and final surgery to remove the plate!

But for now, I'm happy that I'm fixed! I feel great! And I'm glad that I can look at this through a positive light again!!! My positive attitude has returned!!! Life is great once again!


Tom said...

Oh Wow Taryn. You look good in that photo. I'm so very happy that things are starting to come together for you. Your my kid alright. You don't let things keep you down long.


Stephanie Behling said...

What the heck! I didn't realize you had a blog! Well, I do too! Awesome!!!!