Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broken Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the beginning to "The Great Clavicle Saga." That's right! It was exactly one year ago today that I rolled an ATV down a cliff while visiting my home town in Southern Oregon. I broke my collar bone and from that moment till now my life was put on hold. I'm happy to report that, although I am still healing, and still staring down one last surgery (in December), despite all that, my life has gotten back on track.

In one week I will be starting school again. I took the full year off from obtaining my degree due to the complexity of living life with just one arm. (Plus the whole pain round-the-clock thing didn't sit well with a full time student status.) I'm excited, a little nervous, but over all happy that my life plans are once again moving in the right direction.

Through everything that has gone on this past year I attempted to look at each challenge as an opportunity to learn something from the experience. (Trust me, there were plenty of challenges to use as learning tools!) I know that I have grown as a person. I learned that I'm a stronger individual than I thought. I learned how to ask for help. (Something I never would have done before the accident.) But most importantly I gained a greater love and appreciation for my family.

My mother-in-law provided food for several months. She offered to do my laundry and to help me clean the apartment. (Because of my stubbornness, I figured out a way to clean with one arm, and Christian did our laundry while I was immobilized.)

My father-in-law became my personal chauffeur, making sure I arrived at every doctors appointment safely and on time. He patiently waited with me for hours, and never once complained or made me feel like a bother.

Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law took over my position at the office to help Christian run a smooth practice. Kathy would work all day at school, and give up her free time after an already full day to sit at my desk and cover for me. John would spend his days off filing, answering the phone, and keeping all our patients content and entertained.

My family in Oregon, although the miles between us made it impossible for them to physically help out, they made sure I knew I was in their thoughts and prayers. They called me every week to give moral support and to share their love with me.

And of course my wonderful husband who spent every waking moment making sure I was as comfortable as I could be. He would go out of his way to make me smile. He sat through girly romantic comedies just to spend time with me, and stayed in on the weekends so that I wasn't too lonely. He cared for me like no other, and I adore him for it.

For all the support that my family gave, as well as all the prayers from them and from my friends, I am truly grateful. It's been a rough year, but I pulled through, and have discovered a new found love of life. I am surround by a beautiful life, and I am ecstatic to be sharing that life with such amazing people.

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Heather said...

Wow a year! You are truly an inspiration- your attitude and outlook n life during this journey is amazing. I'm so glad things are going better. Take care!