Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday was my 29th birthday. I wish I could say that it was a really happy day, but honestly it was just kind of a drag. I couldn't go anywhere because I am still healing from my surgery. (I shattered my right clavicle on Aug. 27th, in Klamath Falls, OR. I flipped an ATV down a cliff. I had to fly across the country back home to New Jersey and had surgery on Sept. 15th. They had to do a bone graph, place a plate over the bone and use several screws to hold it in place. Since then I have been wearing a brace that wraps around my rib cage and hold my right arm to my body from the elbow and the wrist.) So I spent the day not really doing much. Christian was at work all day, so I spent most of the day with the couch and remote.

I did get many phone calls from family members and friends to wish me a happy birthday, and check in to see how I'm feeling. Which, I know that they mean well, and want me to answer that I'm feeling great, but well, honestly, I'm starting to grow tired of the same set of questions.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow and he will take out my stitches, YEAH! and perhaps take off my brace. That would be soooo wonderful! Even if he gives me a sling to wear, it would still be WAY better than this poofy brace.

I think I'll post a few photos of the break. They aren't that bad. When it happened I never bruised, so it just looked like some strange thing poking up. But still, if you're the squeemish type it might get to you, so look at your own risk. I'm going to see if I can get a copy of my x-rays to post the break from the inside. It was, as my surgeon said, "a wicked break!" Maybe in the next week or two I'll be up to heading over to the hospital for the x-rays. We'll see.

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