Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alaska Bound

It's that time of year again that Christian and I look forward to with such delight. That's right, it's VACATION TIME!! In less then 48 hours we will be on our way to picturesque Alaska. In anticipation of our trip, I'll give you a sneak peak at my, "wouldn't it be great to see?" wish list.

(Please note that these are not in any particular order) I'd love to see some of the impressive and extremely humbling glaciers.
The peaceful wilderness and awe-inspiring views.
I would seriously LOVE to catch a glimpse of a grey whale while we're out to sea. We're traveling at their peak migration season, so perhaps this wish could come true.
The Aura Borealis is a phenomenon that I have only witnessed once in my life, and it was so faint that if you didn't know what you were looking at you might not have noticed it all. If we do have a night where the atoms collide you can bet that I'll be on deck with my camera, no matter how cold it may be.
Ah Alaska! We're looking forward to a nature packed vacation, filled with unaltered beauty and mother nature's magnificent homeland.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The biggest-tinniest news ever!

For the past three months Christian and I have been holding onto a HUGE, yet itty-bitty secret, and now that we've gotten the "A-OKay," we've been leaking the news to those closest to us for the past week, and now that our check list of those who must know first has been fulfilled I get to bask in the glow of telling everyone out there (If you haven't figured it out already) Christian and I are expecting!!! Let's all do some back flips and somersaults. Well, you go ahead and I'll watch. So on to the details. As of today, we are thirteen week into the pregnancy. Our due date is February 13, which I'm tickled pink with as thirteen is a lucky number in my family. At our twelve week check up with our midwife, we got to see our little jelly bean, and were given a clean bill of health. What wonderful news to hear! The last three months have been a somewhat on the tough side, as morning sickness (in the form of evening/night sickness for little Miss Taryn. Ick!) has been difficult to hide from family members. As well as the apparently apparent "glow" that comes along with having a growing baby in one's tummy, which gave away our secret before we did, as many family members totally knew that we were preggers way before we even told them. I hope you all enjoy reading about the many stages of pregnancy that one goes though, because I'm sure for the next six months I'll be posting away. Christian and I are so incredibly happy and feel so blessed to get to experience life's biggest miracle together.