Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shrimp on the Barbie

Last Saturday Christian and I invited all the Kaufman's and the Pereira Family over for the first Bar B.Q. of the summer. We were thrilled that everyone was able to join us. It seem that it's becoming harder and harder to fit everyone's busy schedules so that we can all be at the same place at the same time. It meant a lot to me that everyone chose to spend their Saturday at our house, and I have to admit that I have filed away our first true backyard Bar B.Q. in my memory as the one of the best days in my Kaufman life.
It was so sweet watching Paul play catch with his three year old son Carlos. My Sister-in-law Emily played professional softball right out of college. See how relaxed she is with a mit on he hand? Yeah if that were me, I'd be cowering in the fetal position. hee heeWho is she playing catch with? Why it's Keith!Christian and I totally lucked out because Luke took over the grilling helm, which gave us time to socialize and have fun. Plus everything was delish!I adore this woman! Laura has such a warmth about her, and I'm truly happy to have her as part of my life. She was right by my side as Grace came into the world, and so without a doubt she is family.I couldn't resist taking photos of Grace meeting Carlos for the first time. Carlos was so sweet to her, and he made me smile every time I heard him ask for, "Baby Grace." Look at these two cuties!My Sister-in-law Krysty had such a glow about her. Here she is with her daughter Shayla, and tucked away is my newest niece or nephew... yuppers! Kaufman number 3 will make his/her debut in December! So excited for her! Of course Grace soaked in her Gammy time! She felt so cozy that she fell asleep in Gammy's arms.So we brought out her bouncer and she took a lovely little nap outside while the rest of us chowed down on the yummy bounty.I know, I can't believe I made the blog! I'm always behind the camera so you hardly ever see me. But the Hubs snapped a few good photos, and I thought this was a good one, so ta-da! It's me!Daddy's little girl. It's so wonderful to watch Shayla play with her Dad, John. The two of them have such a connection. So the new thing that's seriously adorable, when Shayla wants her Gampy she'll call out for him. However, instead of saying Gampy, she calls him by name. "Hi John. Come here John." Too adorable!So I know I'm biased but I think Keith and Krissy are a darling couple. Come on, just look at the two of them together. Am I right, or am I right?
Two best friends. Paul and Christian are such remarkable buddies. They went to high school together, college together, and chiropractic school together. They lived under the same roof as roomies for six years! I love seeing the two of them spend time with each other. It warms my heart to see Christian so happy, and I think the world of Paul.... plus he married Laura, so when he comes over, she does too, and then I get to see Laura, so it's a win-win for everyone! hee hee
We had such a wonderful time, and hope to have many more family functions in our future. Especially as the years go by, the family grows and we'll have more and more people to play with. I love being a Kaufman!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Say Cheese!

This post is merely to share our adorable Gracie with everyone out there. Please enjoy these snap shots of our truly sweet baby girl.Grace with Gammy.Grace with Gampy.
Grace with Uncle Keith.
Grace with Aunt Emily.
Grace with Uncle Luke.
Grace with Aunt Krysty.
Grace with Uncle John, and cousin Shayla.And now just Grace.