Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Master-Master Piece

Construction within the walls of our almost 200 year old home goes on daily, so when a project or room is complete I feel like I should have a ribbon cutting ceremony or grand opening party. Therefore consider this posting my grand opening party to our lovely master bedroom.

I know I haven't posted many photos of the projects as they are in progress but thats because I always had in my head that I would wait patiently for the finish line and then debut the rooms one by one to the eagerly waiting public. (I chuckle because I know many of you are soooo not waiting by your computers day in and day out just to see photos of our house.) So without further ado here is a walk down memory lane with our master bedroom.Here is the room before we began any work on it. You see wall paper, and a pretty beat up sad looking floor. My friend Cindy and I spent an afternoon pealing the wall paper only to find that the plaster walls would crumble with the glue leaving big chunks of the wall missing. So our contractors Konstantine and Andrew replaced the walls with sheet rock. See our spectacular light fixture literally hanging by it's wires from the ceiling. Yeah, I don't think that was up to code, but I won't tell if you won't. (*wink*)
The window to the left was boarded up because of broken glass, and if you look at the window on the right an entire pane of glass is missing and was repaired with taped up plastic. We replaced all the windows in the house with double pane, low-e glass. It made such a difference instantly. The house holds the heat better and is as quiet as can be inside now.
I've already posted about my floors upstairs, but here they are again, as they were being worked on. I think this was the second coat of varnish.
Paint went up on the walls and ceiling. Goodness me, that was an exciting day! Color really makes a room feel like part of your home.

The dangling light fixture was replaced with our nifty ceiling fan that just happens to match the color of the floor. (Do you think someone was planning ahead when she went shopping?!? hee hee)
All the molding pieces were put up, closet doors installed and drum roll please................ the room is complete!

Christian and I are very pleased with how it turned out. Now all we need to do is move our bedroom furniture from the family room downstairs that we've been living in for the past two months, to where it belongs, our beautiful Master Bedroom!