Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

Yesterday I went to get checked out by my plastic surgeon. He took out my stitched, and with in a blink of an eye I was free to go! He said the skin looks great, then shook my hand, and walked off into the sunset.... well, into another room.

So one surgeon down, one left.

Today I met with my orthopedic surgeon for an x-ray to see how the bone is healing. He was really impressed with my brand new "baby" skin given to me from my plastic surgeon. The x-rays look great. The plate is staying in for a few more months. (I meet with him again in December, maybe then we'll have an actual date for the final surgery.)

But the big news! TARYN IS ALLOWED TO MOVE HER ARM!!!!!!!! Yahoo!! Wahoo!!! Yippie Skippie!!!! So alright, I'm happy about this, if you couldn't tell. I still have to take it slow. I'm not allowed to lift anything with the arm, no weights, I'm not even suppose to close a door with the arm. But I can start moving it! So lets dust off those joints, get the oil can out, and sign me up for some physical therapy!

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