Friday, April 3, 2009

My new friend

I met with my orthopedic surgeon this morning, and was introduced to my new plate on my clavicle. The plate is skinnier than the last, has six screws (the old plate had five) and has round edges, where the first had more of a square look to it. The smoothness of the plate should be a better fit for my body and not be so rough under my skin.

When I asked him what happened during surgery, he simply explained to me that my bone looked better in x-rays than in person. It simply had not fused, and was two separate pieces just leaning up against each other like a tepee.

Today's x-rays make me much happier with the look of the bone. It is lined up, the way it should be, and even though there is an extra screw, it looks much cleaner than the first surgery. As far as if there will be another surgery in my future, he feels that I've had plenty of surgeries for a lifetime. He's hoping that my body will adapt to the plate, and will become a part of me for good.... but in the same breath he reminds me that this is Taryn we're talking about, and so it is a wait and see game.

Over all, even though I was totally bummed about another plate, for now, things look great, I'm not in any discomfort, and I'm feeling very hopeful for the future of my shoulder. This is just a bump in the road on the way to the top of the mountain. Just wait till I reach the summit! Wahoo!!!


Gregorio said...

You're almost there, Taryn! You can do it! WAHOO!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this. Stay strong sweetheart! Your in my thoughts and prayers!!

Mandy and Chris said...

The end is in sight!! Hang in there! We'll be thinking of you!

Dani said...

Sorry about the new plate... but whatever it takes, right? Glad this one is smaller, smoother, and hopefully a better fit. Hope you have a speedy recovery and that everything goes well.

Margaret said...

Oh Taryn I'm sorry that this has been such a long complicated recovery. I'm sending good thoughts your way
that this is the last surgery. Good things are coming your way. Stay positive!

Jaime said...

ouch, sorry hope you feel better. Love your music on here!!