Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grace's Baptism

This past Saturday Grace Irene Kaufman was baptized in the same church that Christian and I were married in, by the same Monsieur who married us. The entire Kaufman family was there to witness her baptism, as were extended family and friends. Her Aunt Emily and Uncle Keith stood by her side as her Godparents to support her and express their love, as they will do undoubtedly every day for the rest of her life. She was a perfect angel and truly adorable in her Christening gown, which was made from the fabric of my wedding dress. Family members and friends came from all over the state of New Jersey to be there for her. Christian and I felt truly honored that so many people took time out of their Saturday to spend the afternoon with Grace. Look at that face! How utterly adorable is she?During the ceremony Grace couldn't help it, she nodded off for a quick little nap. But not to worry, she woke up when it was her big moment and in true Grace fashion she didn't say a peep. Grace's Uncle Luke had the perfect view point to capture the actual baptism for us. Here's the video he took using his iPhone. (The baby voice you hear is not Grace. She was honestly a perfect little angel.)

Once all was said and done, she decided to finish up her nap before her party began.
The Kaufman Family, four generations.And now the party with some delicious food! For the favors I made adorable bobby pins with little resin chrysanthemum flowers, and made a cute little bird nest charm using wire and beads. When the guest came in, next to the name cards I made up little tags to be filled out and hung on her blessing tree. (In a small way it brought in my faith, where we have a blessing day.)I also had fun making the center pieces, which were paper flowers and pinwheels nested in flower pots. After a quick wardrobe change, Grace was ready for her family and friends to love on her and shower her with kisses and hugs!Grace's Great Grandma, we call her G.G., made her a Christening blanket, which she used to get super comfy-cozy with and yes......she took another nap. Christian and I have been truly blessed. Our baby Grace has filled our lives with such joy and love. We look forward to watching her talents grow, and follow her through her amazing journey as she follows the path of life. We hope that she achieves her goals, and finds the many blessings that life has in store for her.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Father's Day for the Hubs

What a special day today has been. Grace and I have thoroughly enjoyed spoiling Christian on his very first Father's Day. Before I headed to bed last night I set up this adorable banner that I made so that when he came downstairs the first thing he would see would be the words, "Happy Father's Day!" He loved it!Then Grace supervised me in the kitchen while I made breakfast for him. It was a plate over flowing with enough food to feed a small village, but it was full of things Christian enjoys and of course every morsel had a pinch of joy, a dash of adoration, and a cup full of love.Let me walk you through this mondo-big breakfast. A cup of OJ. Toasted English muffin with Strawberry preserves, Maple smoked bacon, fresh orange slices, and a three egg omelet (One full egg, and two egg whites) with sauteed mushroom, peppers, tomato, and salsa and sour cream to garnish. (I didn't have an onion in the house, otherwise that would have gone in too.) The Hubs said it was delish!In the afternoon, Christian's parents stopped by to spend some time with us, eat some yummy grilled burgers, and play some fun outdoorsy games.Okay, so I have never claimed to be the most coordinated person on the planet, and this game proved that even if you can go almost the entire game without scoring a single point, you can still have fun. (Even if that means laughing at how terrible I am at it. Trust me, I'm pretty funny to watch while I'm "attempting" to play.) Grace was our personal cheerleader, that is until she was bit by the sleepy bug. I don't blame her. It was such a beautiful day, and I would have crawled in there with her to catch a few Z's if I could have fit.
This entire day, which was wonderful, was all because of this little munchkin. And I know that she was just as happy with how it turned out as I was.
Happy Father's Day Christian. We love you!