Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Green Easter Bunnies?

This year March was packed with two festively colorful holidays. As always, on March 17th, was the ever so popular day to wear green, St. Patrick's Day. My in-laws hosted a family get together, where delicious food was served, joyful music was heard, and thanks to my sister-in-law Krysty (who is an art teacher. She teaches in Grace's future elementary school. Score for us!!) she brought along fun art projects for the kids to create.  Construction paper Leprechauns and tissue paper rainbows. Grace loved the projects, and had a blast hanging with her cousins.

 And because I never had the chance to post for last year's St. Patties Day, here's a flashback look at the hubster in his authentic Ireland rugby jersey, and little miss 13 month old Gracie from 2012. (She looks so tiny!)
Spring has sprung! Easter was very early this year. It fell on the last day of March, so exactly two weeks after everyone was seeing green, it was time to break out the pastels and go searching for hidden Easter eggs! 

There is a very cute little park just up the street from where we live, and each year members of the community host an egg hunt for the little ones. This was Grace's first year attending the egg hunt. Let me tell you, these toddlers mean serious business when it comes to gathering up as many eggs as they can! You could cut the competitive tension with a pair of fluffy bunny ears! Actually, it was a lot of fun. Grace enjoyed herself, was able to fill her basket with colorful eggs, and had so much fun hanging with our neighbors eldest daughter from across the street.
My only suggestion for the superb group of people who coordinate the event.... I think it's time to hire a new Easter Bunny! Grace wasn't scared, but I don't think she was thrilled to have photographic evidence of the creepy Easter Bunny impostor!
On Easter Sunday, Grace woke up to find that the real Easter Bunny had visited our house and left her a super fun surprise on the kitchen table! After church we headed down to my in-laws, and spent the afternoon with family. Gracie really enjoyed having her Great Grandma, (G.G.) and her Great Grandpa (Poppy John) up for a visit from the Jersey shore.
And of course, we must close with a small flashback from last year's Easter. The weather was much warmer, I'm sure that had to do with the simple fact that Easter was actually in April last year. So little Gracie had her first egg hunt in her backyard, and was a natural at gathering them all in her basket. Mr. Bunny must have made a sweet deal with a brood of chickens, because my goodness, there were rainbow eggs everywhere!
(Again, I can't get over how tiny she looks in these photos! So stinkin' cute!)