Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who do you look like?

Christian and I had some fun with this. You plug in your photo, the site scans it and comes up with a list of celebrities that look similar to you. We changed up the photos a few times and had some good laughs. At one point the system told us that Christian looked like Bob Marley, and Morgan Freeman, for me it came up with Brendan Fraser as a perfect likeness... yeah, we laughed pretty hard at those matches.

Click the play button to see us morph into our celebrity match.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Look of Love

What a better way to spend the Valentine's Day weekend then attending a wedding?!? Christian and I enjoyed an evening filled with music, laughter, and love, oh and lots and lots of yummy food too, on Friday night as we celebrated the union of our friends Sean and Lynn.

Christian wore his new suit, which he received many compliments on, and if I don't mind saying so much he looked dashing in. And I had a good reason to do something I rarely do, which is put on some makeup. Fun.

Sean had family that flew in from Ireland and Lynn had family that flew in from Costa Rica. The mixture of cultures created a super fun night on the dance floor, plus they had an amazing band that played everything from Frank Sinatra songs to the top 40 on today's Billboard list.

(Click the play button to hear the Band!)

It was a great night and we're so happy for Sean and Lynn. They looked absolutely beautiful and totally in love. (Sorry there are no photos of the bride and groom, turns out that I have a knack for taking blurry photos of people's profiles and backs)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009


If you're at all the squeamish type, you may want to shy away from reading this post. There are photos that might gross you out. (Keith, this means you... do not read this one buddy!)

I went to pay a visit to my plastic surgeon this afternoon for two reasons.

Reason 1) Because the plate that is still holding my clavicle together is lifted, it is stretching my skin and at the very edge of the plate the skin is so thin you can make out the perfect "silver lining" (Ha!) of the plate. I needed to find out if my skin will hold strong for another month, or if I needed to have another surgery to plump up the skin with new tissue. Thankfully he feels that I can baby the skin until March when the plate is going to be removed.Reason 2) Because I had another string eroding my skin and creating a hole.... or so I thought! I sat down on the table and showed him my "string" and he took a tool, poked at it, which of course I was just thrilled with... then he said that it felt like it might be string with wire. WIRE?!? So he tells me to work with him on this... I take a deep breath and he gently pulls out this....
WHAT THE HECK!!! Its a metal pin! (I put it next to a nickel for size comparison, but golly!) At first we thought it was one of my five screws... but I told him that on the x-rays you can clearly see the threads on the screws and this was totally smooth, like a tack nail. Its very pointy on the end, just like a nail, and it clearly has been snipped with wire cutters on the other end! He thinks that this was used to hold some of the pieces of the bone together. (I guess a plate with five screws isn't enough! Sheesh!)

I will be so thankful when March rolls around and we can remove all foreign objects, all plates, all screws, all strings, all pins, and anything else that is lurking beneath the cover my skin! YUCK!