Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dr. update

I went to see my doctor on Friday to take my stitches out and see about getting rid of my brace. Well, we took new x-rays to see how my bone is healing, and it looks good. He's very happy with the alignment of the two pieces. He feels that after the year is you we'll hardly be able to tell where the break was.

We took off my surgical tape. The tape was sitting on my skin for three weeks, so the best way to explain how it felt when he took it off would be to imagine Bigfoot getting his leg waxed! Ouchie. The scar is four inches in length, but very thin. The only really odd looking thing is this rather big bump under the skin, which will come out after my second surgery in a year.

The good news, all of my stitches have dissolved, so there was nothing to remove. The bad news, one of my screws is slightly lifted out of the bone. Christian is getting a kick out of telling everyone that his wife has a screw loose. Very funny! Anyway, because of the "loose screw" I will wear my brace for three more weeks! So it will be a full six weeks by the time I get to take it off. My next visit is on Halloween. We'll see how it goes.

(Funny how all my photos have me wearing the same tank top. Its the easiest to get on... I promise I've washed it between photos hee hee)

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