Saturday, February 16, 2013

The eve of turning two

 It's time for a "flash-back" post! Today is Gracie's birthday-eve, so what better time to reflect on her first birthday which to this mommy seemed like yesterday.
My little baby turned one! With this first birthday brought such a barrage of mixed emotions. The first of course being disbelief. I think every parent feels this way when they struggle with the reality that you simply can not freeze time.
 You reflect upon the year that just passed and are amazed at how far your little one has come. From birth to cooing to playing to walking and talking. It's a miraculous journey that we all make, but to watch your own child progress through those steps turns you into a proud parent.
 I have to say that the most enjoyable part of watching Gracie grow through her first year was discovering her personality. She is so loving and has the sweetest disposition. She has developed a hilarious sense of humor, and has learned that she is an independent girl who can concur the world.
 I must admit that a small part of me was looking forward to her first birthday for the simple fact that this was the last of the firsts. I'm sure all parents do this, the first year for a child every holiday, every milestone, every little spark of something new becomes this almost overwhelming event. So although I will miss the, "That was the first time she.... fill in the blank!" I won't miss the self-imposed anxiety I put myself through trying to achieve the impossible task of making every holiday perfect because it was her first.
(Above: Gracie's "Smash" cake that I made, and which she had no interest in eating at all.
Below: Aunt Krysty caught on to the party theme, "Look Whooo's turning one!" and created this adorable owl made out of cupcakes.)
 Christian and I started a yearly tradition for her. We each write a letter to her, and in our own words we tell her about the year that just past. We will do this every birthday-eve, and when she turns 18 we plan on giving her all our letters so she can rediscover year by year the love that her Mom and Dad have for her.
  So our little baby turned one, and tomorrow she will be two, and if I blink I'll be posting about her graduation. So I'm happy that I have these memories to look back on because in my heart I do have the ability to freeze time, and she will always be my little baby.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Momentous Occasion

Why, hello there! Remember me? Yes, yes, I know it's been far too long between posts about the stupendous Kaufman family. I've learned a valuable lesson and that is, once a toddler is mobile what little free time you once had completely disappears into thin air. With that being said however, this little blog of mine has been on my mind over the last year, and I feel as though I've neglected a family member by not paying it a visit. So much has happened in that past year, including two additions to the family, my new nephews Shane and Jack, that I find myself overwhelmed trying to play catch up. I think my best bet is to start slowly with the timeline, keeping up with events as they happen, and every now and then we'll have a "flash-back" post so I can give last year's events the attention they deserve.

Recently all the Kaufmans, and when I say all, I mean ALL!... all the Kaufmans gathered together to celebrate a very rare and momentous occasion. Christian's Great Aunt Betty had a birthday. But it wasn't just any birthday, oh my no, it was her 100th birthday!

This was the first time in my life that I had ever met someone who had reached this amazing age, and I have to say that Aunt Betty makes 100 look like 80! She's articulate, witty, still gets around on her own will, and extremely sharp. She could be the poster child of how we all would want to be if we are so lucky to make it to 100.

A huge perk of her birthday was that the entire family got together for her surprise party. There were family members whom I had not seen in years, and many of which I had never met. There were stories being told as memories came spilling out, and laughter filled the room. I soaked up the warm buzz that bounced from table to table, knowing that each person in this room was special to me because they were family.

I watched as the youngest members of our family, sprinted around the room with unyielding energy, while the eldest sat peacefully watching with wise eyes. I enjoyed seeing those "ah-ha" moments when a connection was made between two people who, if they had seen each other on the street, would have walked right on by, but by retracing the family tree they saw not a stranger, but a cousin.

Family is a big thing to me. Its the most important thing in fact. So to be in a room filled to the brim with family made this girl one happy Kaufman.