Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to work

So I've spent 6 full weeks sitting around healing. After my visit with the doc on Friday I made the choice to see if I can rejoin the rest of the world and head back to work... with a much lighter work load. After all, I still have my brace so I'm just a one arm gimp, but honestly I can't sit at home any more by myself. I really was starting to go loopy. (talking back to the television commercials was my first clue.)

So I did a half day at the office with Christian on Friday and although he said he had a light afternoon schedule wise, we saw twice as many people than we do on an average day, so I was thrown back into the deep end... but I survived.

Then we did a street fair on Saturday. Which was fun because the weather was beautiful, and I got to see many of our patients that haven't seen me since the accident. But I couldn't really help with the posture screening, what with having only one arm and every thing. So by the end of the day I was pretty spent. Luckily I had Sunday to rest.
(Christian at our booth at the street fair)

Yesterday (Monday) I worked the afternoon with Christian, and I'm sad to say I think its still too soon to go back. By the end for the day I was exhausted and my shoulder was throbbing, so today I find myself back on the couch while Christian is at the office and his parents cover my absence. We're hoping that I'll feel up to going back in a day or so. We'll see.

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