Friday, November 11, 2011


Apparently Grace thinks its hilarious when I juggle her toys in front of her. Case-in-point, see the video...

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Polar Bear Swim Club

I forgot to add this AMAZING footage that I scored when Gracie and I were at the San Diego Zoo. This is what you call, being at the right place at the right time.

Hippos, Pandas, and Gorillas, OH MY!

A few weeks back, Gracie, Christian, and myself flew across the country to San Diego for a weekend trip. For Christian it was all business, but for Gracie and I it was fun in the San Diego sun when we spent the day at the world famous San Diego Zoo. Please enjoy just a snippet from the 100 acre zoo, and check out some of the extremely amazing and rare animals Gracie got to see.Monkeys galore!!!Meerkats are so stinkin' cute!!A handful of the super cool zoo animals.My Dad's favorite, a River Otter.As of 2000 there are only six countries that are home to the endangered Black Panda. There are 150 captive Black Pandas in the entire world! The San Diego Zoo is home to three of them, and Gracie got to see one! (The other two were sleeping)I don't think she understood just how special it was to see the Panda. Then Gracie got to see a giant and powerful Silverback Gorilla!! How massively impressive is he???Even more zoo creatures!Finally, one of the sweetest things Gracie and I got to see was this Momma hippo taking a snooze with her "little" baby hippo. The San Diego Zoo was such an amusing experience for both Gracie and me. It would have been even more perfect if Christian could have joined us. But nevertheless, it was a fun day for little Miss Gracie, and she got to see first hand what it truly means to be, "Happy like the Hippo."