Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Kaufman update!

One week ago Christian and I had our 20 week check up and we were able to insure that our growing little jelly bean is healthy as can be. The baby measured in around 10 inches, about the length of a banana, and was around 12 oz. I'm so excited that I can now start talking about our baby in pounds. Our baby weighs a pound!! Look how cute LG (Short for Logan/Grace) is. LG's arms were above his/her head. You can see the hands by the forehead. And isn't that the most adorable nose you've ever seen?!? I can't wait to see it in person and give it an Eskimo kiss... well, I can wait till Feb. hee hee. Also, is it me, or does it look like LG is smiling for the photo-op? Everything is exactly where it's suppose to be, ten fingers and ten toes. (Cooley toes for certain. I was really pulling for Kaufman toes. Those Kaufman boys could model their feet.) A beautiful healthy heart, and a gorgeous brain, which I can already tell will rival Einstein's. hee hee As for the many out there who are requesting us to tell them whether it's a boy or girl, sorry to disappoint, but Christian and I made it very clear that we did not wish to know the sex, and therefore we still have a guessing game going on. I think it's more fun this way, we get to discuss two possible futures, rather than just one.
LG is very active, I feel movement all the time, and Christian felt a little nudge earlier in the week. It was LG's way of letting his/her Daddy feel the love that we're already building as a family. Its always a treat to sneak a peak at our child, and catch a glimpse of this beautiful baby. This was our last ultrasound, by choice, for the duration of the pregnancy. So the next photos we see of LG will be in color, and will be of the most exciting day of our life!