Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Country Side Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was such a delightful family day. Keith and Krissy opened their doors to their beautiful home and hosted a family Bar B.Q.  Kaufman's from near and far all came together, and spent a very relaxing afternoon with one another.
 Their home sits on a picturesque eight acres of land. Plenty of room for all the Kaufmans, little and big, to run around in.

 Menacing storm clouds did force us indoors for a short while as a down pour of showers began. But it never put a damper on the day on account of our host, Keith, who continued to provide tasty foods for his guest, by grilling in the rain.
 Kathy soaked up the shower hour by snuggling and reading with her girls.
 I set up shop in one of the bedrooms and used the, "too wet to go outside" time to snap a few practice photos of my niece Shalya and nephews, Shane and Jack, and my little Gracie.  
These next few photos are my favorite.

 Once the rain stopped it was back outside for the family to enjoy the freshly washed country air.
 Keith walked Gracie down to his pond and told her about all the creatures that share their homes there. The fish, turtles, frogs, and birds. 
 We gathered all the Kaufman boys together for a family photo. With a background this magnificent, it mustn't go to waste.
 Then it was the Kaufman girls....
 Along with our honorary Kaufman, Krissy.
 The whole family together. Not a bad looking crew, don't you think?
 This property is Krissy's Grandmother's. Her Grandfather built the house that we all fit so comfortably in. And although her Grandmother wasn't able to be with us for the day, Krissy's witty and very kind Mother spent the afternoon with us, and fit in just as perfectly as can be as a member of our family.
 Keith and Krissy planned and organized the day, and they did such a wonderful job. It was for Mother's Day, yes, but we couldn't let the day go by without singing Happy Birthday to Keith, as he was the birthday boy, but never even brought it to anyone's attention, wanting to keep the focus on the Mothers in the family. Such a sweetie pie.
 Thanks to the two of your for helping create a tremendous day chalked full of family memories. We all had a blast!

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